Jim Harpas

Co Founder and General Manager

Jim has over 30 years of experience in the building and electrical industry during which, he has occupied a range of roles. Jim’s experience is extensive, with a strong emphasis on client relationships. Jim’s roles have varied from acting as an on-site Senior Foreman for projects such as the Sydney Opera House Electrical Services upgrade and Macquarie Bank Bond St to Project Managing the University of Technology Sydney Electrical/ Data Refurbishment which was a 19 – floor high rise electrical upgrade.

Having performed several projects with the NSW Department of Public Works and Services, Jim maintains strong links with many Western Sydney Suburb Councils and provides our office with expertise in Public Work infrastructure projects. Jim has a comprehensive understanding of the building services industry and a profound history in D&C documentation.

Matthew Lea

Managing Director

Matthew has had just over 20 years of experience in the building industry during which, he has accumulated distinct knowledge in specialist fields. Technical aspects of the electrical trade encompass Matthew’s expertise with fields such as electrical design and engineering, logical control and programming, systems integration, switchboard design and innovation in various technologies and construction being a section only of his broad electrical knowledge. Matthew is known for his unique and noteworthy problem-solving capability that is extremely valuable to the company.

Kieran Cleary

Project Manager

Kieran, our resident project manager has a Bachelor of Engineering degree majoring in Construction Technology. Kieran joined Utech in 2010 and has been involved with several projects of all shapes and sizes in various sectors such as residential, commercial, health, industrial and retail. Kieran has exemplary leadership, organisation and supervision skills, complementing his skills in project value management, drawing preparation, EH &S implementation, QA application, installation supervision and document control.

Shafraaz Ali

Project Manager

Shafraaz is an electrician by trade and has been with Utech since it was established in 2004. Coming from the skilled trade side of the industry, he has been an instrumental and proactive member of the Utech Management team for nearly 15 years. Shafraaz has managed a broad spectrum of projects, including residential, commercial, aged-care facilities and health- care facilities.

Jake Sfameni

Project Manager

Jake is an Electrician by trade and has completed a Diploma of Project Management. He has been a valued member of Utech since it 2012. His experience and skillset is utilized in overseeing large commercial projects. A recent example of Jake’s Project Management prowess is the Bowral Hospital construction project.

Ryan Watson

Business Operations Manager

Ryan is an experienced manager that has achieved a Masters level education, Majoring in Business Administration, Management and Operations. His experience within the electrical industry as a whole stretches for over a decade across many silos including Health, Aged Care, Industrial, Residential and Commercial. Ryan oversees Business Development, Compliance and Operations and for Utech.

Yvonne Harpas

Admin Manager

Yvonne is an essential part of the Utech team, she manages day-to-day operations of the administrative department and the staff members. She is the ‘go to person’ for operations, enquiries, administrative systems, policies, and procedures. Yvonne keeps the lights on at Utech!

Christina Denyer

Office Manager

Christina has been with Utech for many years. She brings an assortment of valuable skillsets to the company. Her experience in Accounts Management in particular has allowed Utech to serve their clients to the utmost potential providing them with nothing short of exceptional service every time.